Moving images disguised as a photographs, let the viewer realize at closer observation that every image has its own magic unfolding almost unnoticeable over the course of time. An illusion which puts the audience under a deep spell.

The serenity of photography paired with the emotionality of moving picture is the key to this original momentum. The pictures are under the banner of documentary photography, and only real moments chosen to be exhibited.


Consciousness Research today states that we can unconsciously perceive 15 million individual information units per second. They include visual impressions, kinaesthetic informations, smells, sounds and diverse taste sensations. Yet we are not able to consciously apprehend or process this information. Only an alarmingly small amount of 0,0004 percent surfaces in our consciousness. What happens with the initial mass of impressions if we can not be aware of them? The holistic compilation of feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting and seeing happens to 80 procent through our subconscious.

The resultant intelligence leads us to moments of awareness, apprehension and flashes of inspiration. Capabilities that seem superhuman and let us to question the rationality of our thought process as well as their over valuation in everyday life. Current research shows that emotions are the key to our intuitive strength. However those moments that release a maximum of emotional reaction are mostly of a short duration. Only a few seconds. These short moments should be intensified within a new form in this artwork so that you can not only see more closely but also feel more intensely.

An experiment of deceleration, that gives the audience time to reflect and step into conversation with their own emotional intelligence.


Up until now 4 series with each 7 images exist. Each of them holds emphasis on displaying positive emotional moments in time. Through extreme slow motion the viewer finally has the chance to perceive all the information which usually fleet by you in the moment. An instant sense of compassion is the result, and the emotional reaction throughout the observation of an image is heightened to a maximum. The following images show short extracts of each series.



The first kiss in front of the camera, of two strangers which have never met before.



Not often in our life are we emotionally as free as during the sexual climax. The facial play of such a moment lets us guess the state of each person. Portraits are only available on exhibitions.



Nice words to our fellow human beings have a larger impact than we expect.



Invited were refugees from Syria who are struggling with prejudice in Germany. A hearty laugh also enters these walls.

Technical implementation

The pictures were taken with a special high-speed camera from the company Imaging Solutions GmbH. To take shots with a camera that captures up to 2000 images per second came with its own challenges. Especially the handling of light at such high frequencies needs an exact selection of light sources. To operate the camera you need to access it through an external program of a windows operating system.  The technical realization requires a high level of expertise from the entire team. We are thankful to call EIZO our partner which allowed us to screen the images in excellent quality and color fidelity.

Out of more then 200 images 24 sequences were chosen. Throughout the 4 series they depicted 7 different images at the time. To reach a synchronized playback of the images on the 7 displays over time it was important to work with an extremely powerful and trustworthy processor. Instead we reached out for two Mac Pro’s of the new generation. The system had the chance to proved itself successful at the 25th anniversary of the Filmakademie Baden - Württemberg where it played in a loop with not a single disturbance over three weeks straight.

Monitors in the City invite you to the exhibition...


My goal is to discover the media landscape through radical steps, to help shape it on the way and one day significantly change it.